V&A Learning Academy – Ceramics: Ancient to Modern

Victoria and Albert Museum
5th March 2019

11.10 Christoph Konrad Hunger and the spread of the secret of true porcelain to Vienna and beyond

12.30 Joseph Jacob Ringler and the establishment of the court factories


A group of 18th century London porcelains looking for a home

English Ceramic Circle -Kensington Town Hall
12th January 2019


Virtuoso lead-glazed ware of the Renaissance and beyond: Palissy and other traditions

Chancellors Hotel, Manchester

Northern Ceramic Society 15th Winter Weekend Seminar
26-28 January 2018


Inspired by Japan: Europe’s response to Kakiemon porcelain

English Ceramic Circle Study Day : Influences and Inspirations – 400 Years of Japanese Porcelain
26 November 2016

School of Oriental and African Studies in London


Europe’s response to Kakiemon

Northern Ceramic Summer School
9-11 August 2016


The mysterious world of redwares

The 13th Northern Ceramic Winter weekend Seminar ‘Hot & Sweet, 400 years of tea, coffee and chocolate drinking’
29-31 January 2016


The investigation of a mysterious early English teabowl

The London Ceramic Circle at Morley College
27 November 2015


The travels of an arcanist, Joseph Jacob Ringler

Conference on the 300th anniversary of the Weiner Porzellamanufaktur
15-16 October 2015

Museum Fur Angewandte Kunst, Vienna

Symposium 300 Jahre Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur

The investigation of a mysterious teabowl

The English Ceramics Study Day, ‘Eat, Drink & Be Merry!’

Art Antiques London
16 June 2015

Meissen porcelain; connoisseurship and the process of collecting

The Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco

Meissen study day
16 May 2015

This talk will look at aspects of the process of collecting and attempt to define its purpose and value in particular regard to the early years of Meissen porcelain as represented in the Malcolm Gutter Collection.


Ceramic sculpture of the world; from its pre-classical origins to its princely patrons of the 18th century

English Speaking Union, Dartmouth House, 37 Charles Street, London W1J 5ED
27 November 2014

Continental figure sculpture

Oxford Ceramics Group
Headley Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
30 November 2013

The Rococo porcelain of Europe and its influence on British ceramics

The English Ceramics Seminar, ‘Scrolls of Fantasy, The Rococo and Ceramics in England c1735 – c1775’

Victoria and Albert Museum, London
9-10 November 2013

Villeroy porcelain

French Porcelain Society Study Day at Art Antiques London, Kensington Gardens
14 June 2013

Oriental influences on Italian and French ceramics

Morley College, 61 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HT
18 January 2013

Ornamental & remarkable ceramic wares

The 43rd Annual Seminar of the Morley College Ceramic Circle on the weekend of 27th/28th October 2012.

The speakers are: John Sandon (MCCC President), Dr Geoffrey Godden, Anton Gabszewicz, Errol Manners, Maurice Hillis, Robin Emmerson, Alan Caiger-Smith, Jacqui Pearce, Hans Van Lemmen and Charles Dawson.

Morley College, London SE1 7HT
27-28 October 2012

‘Enter the dragon’, European porcelain and the Orient

Oxford Ceramics Group Study Day

Headley Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
6 October 2012

The English decoration of Oriental porcelain

San Francisco Ceramic Circle Seminar, ‘Stirring the Pots: 25 Years of Change in the Understanding of English Porcelain’

California Palace of the Legion of Honor
4-6 May 2012

Featured Speakers:
Anton Gabszewicz, Independent Ceramic Consultant and Historian
Maurice Hillis, Independent Ceramic Researcher and Chairman of
the Northern Ceramic Society, England
J.V.G. Mallet, former Keeper of the Department of Ceramics, Victoria and Albert
Museum and Past President of the English Ceramic Circle
Errol Manners, Dealer in 18th Century Ceramics and Chairman of
the French Porcelain Society


The earliest chinoiseries at Vincennes and the attribution of a figure

French Porcelain Society symposium in honour of Dame Rosalind Savill

Wallace Collection, London
13-14 April 2012