A Berlin Coffee-Can and Saucer

A Berlin Coffee-Can and Saucer

Circa 1805
Underglaze blue sceptre mark and overglaze blue dash. Impressed 41 to the saucer, indistinct 62 to the can.

Height of coffee-can: 5.8cm
Diameter of saucer: 12.9cm

Decorated with a ground simulating green porphyry within gilt bands of palmettes and ‘S’ scrolls in high relief above olive leaves. Circling the centre of the saucer is a snake biting its own tail set around radiating palmettes.

The snake Ouroboros in Egyptian mythology symbolises the cyclical nature of the year. The snake motif recurs in the form of gilt scales on the handle. The fashion for Egyptian designs or Egyptomania, flourished after Napoleon’s campaign in Egypt of 1798-1801.

Condition – Minute chip to base of coffee-can

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