A Saint-Cloud Polychrome Pot à Fard and Cover

A Saint-Cloud Polychrome Pot à Fard and Cover

Circa 1720

7.0 cm high

Painted in green, red, blue, yellow, aubergine and black the formal symmetrical decoration of lambrequins and floral ornament in the régence style places this as a very early piece of polychrome decoration for Saint Cloud. It belongs to a very rare group characterised by this formality and dark palate. A circular salt from the Musée de l’ile-de-France, Sceaux (inv. No 72-46-1) is illustrated in la Porcelaine a Saint-Cloud, Musée de Saint-Cloud, 1977 cat no 63. A variant of this form of decoration on another salt was pre-empted by the Musée de Saint-Cloud, in the sale of the Ancienne Collection de Monsieur L…, sold by SARL SVV Denis Herbette, Doullens, 1 Oct 2006, lot 75 (sale price without premium, 7200 Euros).

Slight polishing to the rim of the cover suggests it may once have been mounted

Gilbert Levy Collection

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