A Saint Cloud Polychrome Pot

A Saint Cloud Polychrome Pot

1710 – 1720

7 cm high
9 cm across

The function of this pot is uncertain. There is no obvious sign of it having had a lid, perhaps it is part of a toilet service. The small squat baluster form is finely turned with ribs at the foot and neck.

It is decorated with grand feu green enamel and in a subsequent firing, in iron red and gold in a Chinese landscape. The yellow appears to be a petit feu enamel but could also be in part grand feu.

A pot à crème in the Musée des Arts Décoratif (MAD inv. 8848) decorated in a similar fashion with identical use of gilding around the flowing green is, unusually for a polychrome piece, marked with an incised StCT.

Christine Lahaussois, Porcelaines de Saint-Cloud, La Collection du Musée des Arts Décoratif, cat no. 170, colour plate p. 133

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