Incised Guanajuato Slipware Dish, (Charola)

Incised Guanajuato Slipware Dish, (Charola)

Circa 1820 – 1840
Inventory no. 07-294 in red on the reverse

42.3 cm wide, 32.8 cm across, 4.5 cm deep

Incised and decorated in iron-red and green in a pale slip with with two women and a man in formal dress within draped arches topped flags and surrounded by birds in branches.

The form of this dish, or Charola, is characteristic of Guanajuato pottery and is made using a tortilla mould.

Similar examples can be seen in the Franz Mayer Museum, Mexico City.

Condition – Section of upper part of rim broken and restuck in two pieces. Flakes to glaze.

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