Meissen biscuit model of a crayfish fighting a frog

Meissen biscuit model of a crayfish fighting a frog probably modelled by Christian Fischer Sr.

Circa 1794

Incised crossed swords within a triangle above K. 65 under the base, incised 65 on the upper blue surface.

15.0 cm high, 13.8 cm wide,  19.2 cm deep

Naturalistically modelled or moulded from nature in white and solid blue biscuit with a crayfish attacking a frog by a dragonfly larva, a snail and shells.

This rare model demonstrates the increasingly accurate observation of nature that characterised the scientific attitude of the enlightenment whilst indulging in a fanciful composition.
Two examples of the pendant to this group, model no. K.69, in which the frog is on top of the crayfish are recorded; one in the Meissen Factory Museum, illustrated by K. Berling, Festive publication to commemorate the 200th jubilee 1910, p. 75, and another in The Wilanow Palace Museum published by Barbara Szelegejd,The Sophisticated Charm of White Porcelain, The Wilanów Biscuit Collection, Warsaw 2006, pp. 189-190, cat. No. 144, colour plates 144 a-b.

Condition – Restoration to 3 legs of crayfish, 2 toes of frog, head and tip of tail of dragonfly larva, frog leg re-stuck

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