Vienna solitaire in the original silk-lined display case

Vienna solitaire in the original silk-lined display case

Circa 1765

The tray, the cup and saucer and the hot water jug with an underglaze-blue shield mark and various incised marks. A red lacquer inventory number 71 to the tray.

The painting of exotic birds on this solitaire is exceptional for both its quality and inventiveness. It is rare to find such animated and humorous scenes. The shapes derive from Sèvres porcelain forms and perhaps the painting was inspired by the birds of Sèvres artists which were known in Vienna at this period.
The original tooled-leather display case is lined in red silk which is partly faded. These cases have sometimes been described as travelling cases, but in fact services were often displayed in them in domestic interiors. Tea wares of this quality were rarely or never used as is evident from the unrubbed decoration, their main purpose was for display.

Box : 35.5 cm. wide. 25.8 long
Tray 31.7 cm. wide
Small oval ‘basket’: 12.3 cm. wide
Hot water jug : 15.3 cm. high
Milk jug : 9.8 cm. high
Cup: 15.2 cm. high
Saucer: 13 cm. wide

Condition – Minor chips to the leaves of the finial of the hot water jug. The ribbons holding the lid of the case are replaced.

Sold to the National Museum of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

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