A Chantilly Bowl

A Chantilly Bowl

Circa 1735

9.0 cm high, 16.8 cm across

Formed with steep sides and lobed, everted rim. Decorated in Kakiemon colours, the motifs are copied directly from Japanese ceramics.

The lobes decorated alternately with a flower head and leafy scroll. One face of the side is decorated with a Hôô bird, the opposite face decorated with a leafy chrysanthemum flower head. The Hôô or Ho Ho bird is often incorrectly referred to as a phoenix.

The brilliant strong colours set against the milky white tin glaze is characteristic of the early period at Chantilly around the time of the granting of the privilege by Louis XV to Ciquaire Cirou to create porcelain in the façon de Japon in 1735, under the patronage of Louis Henri de Bourbon, prince de Condé.

Perfect, no restoration

Price: £5,500