A Porcelain group of two Satyrs

A Porcelain group of two Satyrs

1760 – 1770

16.1cm High

Finely modelled as a seated satyr holding his sleeping child supported on a base with bunches of fruit, delicately painted with flesh and fur tones.

The catalogue of the Zerilli-Marimò Collection notes that this figure exhibits much of the style and quality of the modelling of Giuseppe Gricci, the great modeller of Capodimonte.

When Carlos III, then King of Naples and Sicily, inherited the throne of Spain in 1759 he moved over the fifty three of the specialised works, much equipment and a supply of the porcelain paste from his factory at Capodimonte to establish a new factory in the Buen Retiro Park on the outskirts of Madrid. Consequently the glassy paste of the early production is indistinguishable from that use at Capodimonte.

Condition – Chips

Provenance – Collection of Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò

Literature – European Porcelain from the Zerilli-Marimò Collection, Andreina d’Agliano. Milan (2014), no. 105 p. 326