English Porcelain

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A Unique Pair of Chelsea Goldfinches
A CHELSEA PIETA Modelled by Joseph Willems
A Chelsea Chinoiserie group of a mother and child
Chelsea White Moulded Tea-plant Beaker
Chelsea Kakiemon Octagonal Teabowl and Saucer Decorated with the Lady in a Pavilion pattern
A Charles Gouyn St James’s Factory Girl-in-a-Swing Pastoral Group
Bow figure wearing the uniform and Badge of a Thames Waterman
A Chelsea tureen, Cover and Stand
A Chelsea Group of Two Goats
A Chelsea figure of an 'Italian Beggar' modelled by Joseph Willems
A Bow or Isleworth Kakiemon Chrysanthemum shaped dish
A Chinese porcelain part tea service decorated in London by Jefferyes Hammet O’Neale with scenes from the Commedia dell’Arte